Meet Our Ovens!

No matter what size your event is, we have an oven to suit!

Red Rager

Red Rager is our newest double oven on a trailer. We bought this baby up from the Sunshine Coast and it is part of the same family that Iron Bark originally came from. This oven can cater for events up to 150 people and easily feed your guests over the 1.5 to 2 hour service time.

Iron Bark

Iron Bark was our first baby and came to us from Noosa, Sunshine Coast. We have had this oven for ten years and began very slowly until more recently building up our business and expanding our oven family. Iron Bark is also a double oven built onto a trailer and can come to your venue of choice and set up almost anywhere. This oven can also easily feed over one hundred hungry guests, and if your event is larger than 150 people we can bring more than one oven.

Blue Steel

Blue Steel is our newest baby and is a single oven built on a smaller trailer. Perfect for small events or even do it yourself catering. This oven can feed up to 50 guests at your event and we can bring staff with it or supply everything you need if you want to cook the pizzas yourself!

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